Through tutoring, I’ve earned enough to pay off my student loans – and go on holiday!

I was surprised at just how good the earning potential of tutoring is, and it was super easy to organise around my hectic Uni schedule. Plus, it’s so rewarding to see your students improving with each lesson; it feels amazing to know I’m having such an impact on people’s lives!

Ashley, Chemistry Tutor


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English expert? Music maestro? If you know your subject inside out, why not get paid for it?

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Be the boss – set your own rates and work schedule

You decide how much to charge for your services, along with when and where you want to teach. Through KnowledgeBomb, you can take on as many or as few clients as you’d like – no limits!💪🏼

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We cut out the middleman and bring clients directly to you

Once you’ve created your free Tutor profile, Learners will be able to find you in search results immediately. Unlike traditional agencies, we speed the process up by letting Learners contact you directly to book lessons.

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Fair pricing structure with ZERO ongoing commission

Unlike our competitors, we won’t charge commission on everything you earn. We charge a one-off 50% commission on a Tutor’s earnings from the first lesson only with each new client. After that, you keep everything you earn.

Considering a client can be worth upwards of £1,000 per year, that’s a pretty good deal!

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Teach any subject

Be it maths, science, music or history, on KnowledgeBomb you can learn anything and teach everything.

Be your own boss

Set your own rates and work schedule. Teach as often or as little as you like.

Direct client access

Unlike traditional agencies, we enable you to speak directly to clients so you can build stronger client relationships from the outset.

No upfront costs

It’s free to sign up and create a Tutor profile on KnowledgeBomb, and it always will be.

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Zero ongoing commission

After our one-off placement commission, you keep everything you earn.

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We offer optional promotion packages to boost your profile’s visibility even further.

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KnowledgeBomb is a marketplace which enables Learners and Tutors to meet and arrange tuition. As such, our Tutors are not employed by us and are therefore considered self-employed. Unfortunately, we are not legally qualified to offer advice at an individual level as to the responsibilities of self-employment. The government webpages linked here contain all the information you need with respect to this.

Absolutely! If you friend is equally committed to their subject and as passionate about teaching as you are, we’d love to have them on our site. Please ask them to contact us so we can answer any questions they have and help them get set up. If your friend becomes an active Tutor on our site, as a thank you for referring them we’ll refund your next monthly platform fee.

It is not currently a requirement to have a background check to become a Tutor on our site as we have lots of mature Learners who consider a background check less important. For Tutors working with younger Learners, we strongly advise you obtain at least a basic disclosure as many parents prefer Tutors who have this. The cost of the disclosure is minimal, and the turnaround time can be under two weeks. Full details can be found here.

Please remember, per our Terms & Conditions, lessons with younger Learners should only ever be conducted in the presence of the Learner’s parent or legal guardian.

Getting listed on KnowledgeBomb is completely free. It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Sign up by providing your basic information and contact details.
  2. Populate your Tutor profile. It’s essential to create a compelling profile that lets Learners know who you are, showcases your skills and experience and provides an insight into your lesson style.
  3. Upload a copy of your photo ID. Once both this and your profile content have been reviewed, your profile will go live and Learners can immediately begin booking lessons with you. Why do you require my ID?

Yes! We pride ourselves on the quality of our Tutors, all of whom are subject matter experts highly educated in their field of tuition. That goes without saying. But the most essential quality our Tutors must possess is a relentless enthusiasm for their subject(s) of choice. Enthusiasm is contagious, and in our experience, an enthusiastic Tutor = an enthusiastic Learner = strong results!

There is no legal requirement for Tutors to have a formal teaching qualification, and in fact, some of the best tutors we work with are not “qualified” teachers in the traditional sense. As long as you've got excellent subject knowledge and are prepared to plan and deliver sessions tailored to the needs of your students, then we'd be pleased to welcome you on board.

For our academic Tutors, a thorough knowledge of the Scottish curriculum is essential. Fortunately, the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) site is rich with information on the latest curricula and also hosts a plentiful supply of past exam papers and other exam resources you can use to brush up before commencing tuition. In most cases, we find there is a high degree of crossover in content between Scottish qualifications and comparable qualifications in other countries which makes preparation a lot easier; nonetheless, we advise all our Tutors, including those educated in Scotland, to become intimately familiar with the latest curricula and to work through past papers to re-familiarise with the style of typical exam questions.

For academic subjects, Learners are typically exam-age high school students spanning an age range of approximately 15-18. Whilst the covers the majority, it is also not uncommon to encounter adult Learners pursuing formal qualifications, often to improve workplace opportunities or to meet entry requirements to attend University as a mature student.

For non-academic subjects, the Learner population is far more diverse and currently spans anywhere from 8-60! However, on the whole there is a tendency for non-academic Learners to be in the 18-35 age bracket.

We are constantly improving the breadth of our subject offering as more and more Tutors continue to join.

Can’t see your subject? Let us know so we can add it to the site!

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