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Why do you require my card details?

At the point of making a lesson booking, we require your card details so that we can process your payment for the lesson. You will not be charged immediately as payment is not taken until 24 hours after the scheduled lesson time.

Finding a Tutor

Can Tutors contact me?

We put the power in your hands. Our Tutors are understandably very keen to win new clients, so to avoid potentially being inundated with messages from Tutors, only relevant Tutors you have already engaged with will be able to contact you.

You will only receive messages from Tutors who:

  1. You have already messaged directly; or
  2. Have received a lesson request you submitted because they directly match your criteria. What is a lesson request?

How do I contact a Tutor?

You can do this two ways:

  1. Direct message. You can reach out to individual Tutors you find in search results to make a booking. The Tutor will receive an initial message in their inbox, and we’ll notify them that you’ve messaged them to make sure they don’t miss it. Within the messaging system, you’ll be able to finalise the lessons arrangements and formally confirm the booking with the Tutor.
  2. Lesson request. To save time, you can instead choose to submit a lesson request detailing your learning requirements and various Tutor criteria. We then automatically send this request to all Tutors who meet your criteria. If they fit the criteria, a Tutor will receive a message in their inbox and they’ll have the opportunity to chat to you. If it’s a match, you can formally confirm a booking with them. What is a lesson request?

What is a Lesson Request?

A lesson request flips the process of searching for a Tutor on its head. Instead of performing a search and contacting individual Tutors from the results, you can submit a lesson request form containing full details of your learning requirements and desired Tutor criteria. KnowledgeBomb then automatically contacts only the most relevant Tutors who meet this criteria and shares your requirements with them. These Tutors will then have an opportunity to chat to you to see if they are a match, after which you will have the final choice over which Tutor to book with.

What subjects and ages do KnowledgeBomb cover?

We are constantly improving the breadth of our subject offering as more and more Tutors continue to join.

Across the site we have Tutors catering to Learners of all ages. However, not all Tutors teach a subject at all stages (some Tutors specify in exam preparation for example, and so do not typically teach primary-age Learners). You can use the “Level of tuition” filter in the search results to make sure the Tutors you’re seeing offer tuition at the level you require.


How do I exchange off-site contact details with my Tutor?

KnowledgeBomb will automatically send a Tutor your mobile number and address (if applicable) as soon as you confirm a lesson booking with them. To keep all our users safe and to ensure we’re able to help every Learner find their perfect Tutor, all communication prior to the first lesson must go through the on-site messaging system. If the conversation moves offline we cannot do this, so under no circumstances should you try to share phone numbers, emails or addresses through the on-site messaging system.

How frequent are lessons?

This is entirely up to you. Learners frequently opt for a standard one lesson per week approach, and that can work well in many cases. However, some Learners prefer more frequent tuition, particularly in cases where they are working towards a tight deadline (such as an exam date).

How long is each lesson?

1 hour lessons are essentially the industry standard, although 2 hour lessons (particularly with older Learners or when dealing with more complicated subjects) are also common. Ultimately this is your decision and you should determine the best arrangement with your Tutor based on what works best for you both.

What should I do if a Tutor doesn’t show up for a lesson?

In the very unlikely event that this occurs, you should contact us to let us know that your Tutor missed the lesson. We will contact the Tutor to confirm the lesson was missed and ensure they reschedule a new lesson at no additional cost. If we don’t hear back from them, you will be refunded in full and we will remove the Tutor from our platform for breaking our Terms & Conditions.

What should I do if my Tutor wants to rearrange the first lesson?

Sometimes life can get in the way, we’ve all been there, so we would appreciate your patience in rescheduling the lesson with your Tutor to a new time. You should chat to your tutor directly to determine a new slot that suits you both, and your Tutor will be happy to process this change through the booking system.

Where do lessons take place?

Lessons may take place at your own home, the Tutor’s home, or a mutually agreed location – it’s about what works best for you. You will have an opportunity to specify the lesson location in formal lesson bookings processed through the site.


How do I pay for lessons?

The first lesson with your new Tutor is booked and paid for through the KnowledgeBomb site. We take payment for this first lesson 24 hours after it takes place. KnowledgeBomb is not involved in the payments process for future ongoing lessons as we understand our clients appreciate the flexibility to arrange this between themselves once they have met one another. Learners and Tutors may then opt to settle lesson payments in cash, by bank transfer, or via some other means they agree upon.

What is your cancellation policy?

For full details of the policy, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

When do I pay for lessons?

When booking your first lesson through our site, we will collect your card details but you will not be charged anything at that time; payment is not taken until 24 hours after the scheduled lesson time. KnowledgeBomb is not involved in the payments process for future ongoing lessons as we understand our clients appreciate the flexibility to arrange this between themselves once they have met one another. Most Tutors will expect to paid lesson by lesson, as is the industry standard. Some Tutors may be willing to offer deals on block bookings, but this is at the Tutor’s discretion.


How much does it cost to use KnowledgeBomb?


That’s right, zero! As a Learner, signing up, searching and messaging Tutors is all completely free. There are absolutely no hidden costs and you will only ever pay for actual lessons that you take with your Tutor.

How much does regular tuition cost?

As you might expect, this can vary between Tutors and will be influenced by any number of factors including the Tutor’s experience, qualifications and location. The end price can also be impacted by your learning requirements such as the desired frequency of tuition and the level of tuition sought. To provide some context, the average Tutor on KnowledgeBomb charges £25 per hour. Crucially, the price advertised on a Tutor’s profile is the price you will pay per lesson, never more. KnowledgeBomb will never add additional fees on top of a Tutor’s hourly rate.

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