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KnowledgeBomb helped me find the perfect Tutor for Chloe, and now she’s off to her dream University. I’m so proud!

Chloe is a bright girl, but maths was never her strong point. She needed 5 A’s at Higher to study Medicine, so she was really worried her maths would hold her back. Luckily, we found Amber on KnowledgeBomb. Working with Amber, Chloe’s ability and confidence improved rapidly to the point that she actually began to enjoy doing maths. I never thought I’d see the day! With Amber’s help, Chloe managed to secure an A in maths and a place at her dream University. As a parent I couldn't ask for more. Thank you Amber!

Sam – Parent of Learner

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We put the power in your hands. Our Tutors are understandably very keen to win new clients, so to avoid potentially being inundated with messages from Tutors, only relevant Tutors you have already engaged with will be able to contact you.

You will only receive messages from Tutors who:

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You can do this two ways:

  1. Direct message. You can reach out to individual Tutors you find in search results to make a booking. The Tutor will receive an initial message in their inbox, and we’ll notify them that you’ve messaged them to make sure they don’t miss it. Within the messaging system, you’ll be able to finalise the lessons arrangements and formally confirm the booking with the Tutor.
  2. Lesson request. To save time, you can instead choose to submit a lesson request detailing your learning requirements and various Tutor criteria. We then automatically send this request to all Tutors who meet your criteria. If they fit the criteria, a Tutor will receive a message in their inbox and they’ll have the opportunity to chat to you. If it’s a match, you can formally confirm a booking with them. What is a lesson request?

A lesson request flips the process of searching for a Tutor on its head. Instead of performing a search and contacting individual Tutors from the results, you can submit a lesson request form containing full details of your learning requirements and desired Tutor criteria. KnowledgeBomb then automatically contacts only the most relevant Tutors who meet this criteria and shares your requirements with them. These Tutors will then have an opportunity to chat to you to see if they are a match, after which you will have the final choice over which Tutor to book with.

We are constantly improving the breadth of our subject offering as more and more Tutors continue to join.

Across the site we have Tutors catering to Learners of all ages. However, not all Tutors teach a subject at all stages (some Tutors specify in exam preparation for example, and so do not typically teach primary-age Learners). You can use the “Level of tuition” filter in the search results to make sure the Tutors you’re seeing offer tuition at the level you require.

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